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Vegetarian Society Approved


What’s in them?


Only 3 ingredients:-

-Scottish oatmeal

-Oceanic water (containing natural sea salt) - collected from open sea, a few miles from where Atlantic and North Sea merge at Muckle Flugga (most northerly point of UK), then sterilised and filtered.

-Vegetable oil (rapeseed and palm oil, sourced from a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), an organisation seeking to preserve the environment and protect animal species like orangutans and tigers.
Allergy Advice : contains gluten


No wheat - No additives of any kind - No hydrogenated oil



Ultimate Health Food
First, think about what is not in Skibhoul’s Oceanic Oatcakes.
No added sugar
No added salt
No wheat
No preservatives
No E numbers
No colourings
No flavourings
No nuts, or contamination from nut processing
No GM oatmeal
Oatmeal contains gluten, but this appears to be a lower risk than wheat gluten, so the oatcakes are not gluten free.
The above list contains the main sources of allergies and dietary conditions.
The oceanic oatcakes are Vegetarian Society Approved for Vegan and Vegetarian consumption, but it is a pity if they derive all the benefit!
Oceanic Oatcakes are suitable for all age groups from toddlers to third age adventurers.
The health benefits of oatmeal are well documents in other websites, and we only use 100% prime Scottish milling oats.
The vegetable oil is a blend of 80% palm and 20% rapeseed.
Seawater is not in short supply around Shetland, and is of oceanic Specific Gravity.
Skibhoul’s bakery was in production in 1885 to serve the major herring fisheries around Shetland, and we still bake long-life ships biscuits.
Our only concern with the Oceanic Oatcakes is that they have proved addictive to the Shetland market.